Free Patient Rated Outcomes App trial

Individual users may sign up for a free trial, we currently offer this without time limits. The conditions outlined below would apply. To Sign-up, please submit the form below.

  • Individual use only by a recognised professional in clinical practice.
  • No patient identifiable information is needed at the time of registering them. Initials or your own unique patient identifier number will suffice.
  • Gender is required as interpretation of some scales differs as per gender.
  • Date of Birth may be required for some measures to work properly, this is more relevant to calculation of any weight, height centiles or similar that being developed.
  • Users must ensure they are authorised to use the outcome measures or have procured licenses where indicated.
  • We use Industry standard 256 bit AES SSL encryption and our data is secure, however free use comes with no liabilities.
  • Though data is not deleted, No back-up support is provided, and users may wish to download graphs and scores as appropriate.
  • We appreciate feedback and hope to add measures and make improvements but on-demand changes are not offered as part of the free trial.