Paediatric Percentile Calculators

As a part of working with children and young people in CAMHS or Children & Young People’s Services as well as within Paediatric Services, it is often necessary to monitor a child’s Pulse, Blood Pressure, Height, Weight, Body Mass Index etc. 

It is not often appreciated that raw scores of the above parameters do not approximate those of Adults and need to be converted to Centile data which is more meaningful, especially under the age of 18. 

As a part of our innovation with Outcome Measures that aid in the assessment and treatment Eating Disorders or ADHD, where monitoring of the above physical health parameters is vital, we have now added value by providing percentile calculators for all of the above. Please browse through the media links below for more on this. As before, we would be happy to work with your Electronic Health Records Provider to develop a secure API to make the care you provide more meaningful and safer. 

Weight | Height | BMI Percentiles with % Median BMI or Weight for Stature Calculations
Percentile Calculator – Blood Pressure in Children
Percentile Calculator for Children’s Head Circumference