Schools and Colleges SEN Assessment Toolkit

Digital and Online Screening Questionnaires for Special Needs Coordinators

The PTS Outcomes Module is a perfect companion to a busy SEN  department in a school or college setting. Imagine having to print screening questionnaires, hand-scoring them, filing or scanning them or posting them to parents or as part of referral to a Specialist Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service. The entire process could be time consuming, time that could instead be used for offering support to young people.

In contrast, imagine being able to collect responses to the Strengths & Difficulties Questionnaire on an i-pad or receiving the parent responses online. How about the RCADS or tools that may help assess or screen for ADHD – all done electronically. Further the digital app allows visual feedback using graphs where progress trends can be tracked over a period of time by repeating certain measures periodically.

The PTS  App would enrich and aid better understanding of the needs of the child and also enhance the quality of a referral to Children and Young People’s Services i.e. CAMHS or similar.

If you are keen to trial to outcomes and screening measures, drop us a line, we would be delighted to allow free use of the tools we have built and made available electronically.